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Our Resources Incorporate Principles Aligned With The Christian Faith
  1. A relationship with God leads to transformation and empowerment.

  2. Learning what God has revealed in the Scriptures is essential in directing our life choices.

  3. There is a God who cares about all people and desires to hear from people through prayer. 

  4. Fellowship with people who are seeking to follow God provides encouragement and support. 


"With a unique combination of biblical training, professional experience, and their journey in life, Drs. David and Lei Ross are extremely gifted counselors suited for almost any need. As a pastor of a local church in the challenging cultural context, I have even greater confidence to engage people regardless of the degree of brokenness in their lives knowing that I can refer to Solutions 4 Hope. The Rosses are trusted partners with whom I am blessed to share ministry."


– Pastor Tim Crownover | The Gathering Place, Vancouver, WA

"David and Lei Ross have helped me in my church, and ministry by means of counseling people that have had spiritual struggles that were exacerbated by medical conditions. Since this is their field of expertise, they have not only been effective at it, but those they have helped have also recommended them to others who were struggling in similar ways."


– Pastor Frank Figueroa, Jr. | Waipio Grace Brethren Church, Mililani, HI

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